RAW (2020)

A soundscape that balances timeless techno and melodic sound atmospheres.

The first track "Rauch und Schall" is a gloomy club track that wants to be played at 4 am. The bass-heavy beat is in the foreground and captivates the listener in the middle of the song before a beautiful melodic part makes the heart dance completely. In contrast, the second track "Farbenfroh" has a melodic focus. The synth atmosphere feels good in the afternoon under the open sky, but also wants to make the crowd in the club dance. The EP ends with the "Farbenroh" remix from the Hamburg based producer Duo Zugangstechniken. The song got a calm synthesizer pad over a fine 808 drum pattern. It climbs over a staccato bass and releases the listener with a pleasant feeling.

OWL (2o17)

TOFANE (2o15)